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Your home just got smarter

With Z-Wave capabilities our security panel unlocks many different features of home control, automations and system analytics.

With the panel being the hub, you can connect door locks, thermostast, garage door controllers and much more. Once the devices are added to your system you will have complete access to those through the app.

Home Management Devices

Climate Control

A Smart Thermostat that can save you money

Our thermostat integrates seamlessly with our system. It can even save your life. If paired with our Firefighter and CO sensors, and the system detects an issue, it will turn off the AC unit to prevent circulation of gasses and smoke from a fire.

Easy to manage
More convenient
Extra savings

Wireless Door Locks

Unlock your doors potential

Instant access when needed most. Connects to the app to give you complete access and notifications.

Give Access
Gain Inisight
Rest Easy

Garage Door Control

Never Again forget to close the garage

That's right. When you pair the garage door controller to our system you will never have to turn around again.

Lighting Control

Automated lighting means smarter security deterrent

When connecting our smart light switches you gain instant access to automations and scenes. Trigger your lights upon events or scenes and control them through the app.

Controllable Lighting
Use in automations and scenes

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